London Sims Blogging by Jas (Blog 259)

May 10, 2014 • News, Second Life

To celebrate my RL birthday (on Monday)  my avatar Jas  has moved into a new cottage in Hyde Park. Strangely, her hair seems to have grown at a phenomenal rate, too!

I sat outside my new house and  considered the London Sims blog pages for a while.

 photo Mayfri_013_zpsd5c19e83.png

About My Blogs:

Although I started blogging for London in August 2012 I had a prolonged absence last year.

I have been actively blogging for about 450 days – so 265 blogs (after some editing) isn`t too bad at all.

More to the point I`ve had – and will continue to have, no doubt, lots of fun doing it.

 photo 26thApril_001_zpsd4a2d689.png photo 5thMay_011_zps9cae61aa.png


 photo Snapshot_0232_zps64da0ce7.png


The administrator for our blog page is Debs Regent (Owner of the London Sims) .

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2 Responses to London Sims Blogging by Jas (Blog 259)

  1. Yay!! Glad to be on the Blogging Team 🙂

  2. Sarah Blackmoon says:

    Happy Birthday Jas huggs!

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