The London Sims get Christmassy by Jas (Blog 197)

December 8, 2013 • Entertainment, Music, News

Everywhere in the London Sims has an added sparkle at the moment – as the place is covered in Christmas decorations. All the clubs are joining in, and many residents have their own outside displays set up- thats besides everything we have in Hyde Park. Dont forget to go and visit the Christmas Carol Village, too. All our avatars (staff and guests) have really got into the spirit this year, and are looking sexy and festive.

Last night I went to both Chubby Checkers in Knightsbridge and London Tube in Mayfair. At Chubby`s the party was already starting by the time I arrived. The DJ was Roach and the new host was Yam. Both did a brilliant job, and much fun was had by all – despite some protests about the half an hour of Christmas songs! But,interestingly, although people started by being cynical about it, they were all singing along by the end and commenting on which were their favourites. Then, at the end we had some sixties songs, too,, which also had the crowd feeling nostalgic-  not that we are quite that old!

Then, when that set finished, it was a race to get to London Tube – and some quick changes for some of the girls especially. The music style was a big change, but we were soon rocking out to DJ Destiny`s great tunes. The place had been decorated beautifully, and the pile of presents underneath the tree looked very tempting! (See pic above.) That reminds me – London is doing advent calender gifts – just click on the tree in the park for your daily freebie.

Click here for pics of both events from yesterday :-

But, the big news for the day is the HUGE party planned for the park tonight. (Party starts at 11am -Second Life Time- 7pm Brit time.) It`s all about the ceremony of the handing over of the tree from Denmark to the UK – just the same as happens in real life London. This has happened in RL since 1947 ,when Denmark began the tradition-as a token of gratitude for all our help during the Second World War. In Second Life London, too, it is a big event, and the delegate from Denmark receives a friendly welcome. After the ceremony, there is going to be a massive party. The theme is “Best Christmas Avatar”, and there will be cash prizes, so you have a good few hours  now to go and find the perfect outfit. The special event parties in the park are always well attended and a lot of fun so make sure you are there early.


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