The Night RetroGrade Went Mad

April 5, 2011 • News

It was Tuesday 5th April 2011. DJ J7ck to to the controls of the Choon Choon Train. The guests were arriving and the party was starting to swing. And then, suddenly, onf of the guests asked “Can we have a contest?” and contributed L$200 for the prize. The contest board duly opened and was set as Come As You Are. Suddenly, DJ, Host, and random guests started paying into the board and the prize started rising. before you could say “Jack Robinson”, the prize rose to L$1000. word started to spread and more guests started appearing

Soon more and more guest were paying into the board and the prize kept rising. Soon the place was full as guests started to tp their friends and word spread further of the madness of the Contest Board prize. L$2000, L$3000. $4000 and still rising.
Once the 3rd page of the board opened, The DJ made the prize up to L$5000  and people we still throwing money at the board.

Requests were pouring in to the dDJ from people wanting to hear their favourite song, guests were tp’ing their friends in to get them to join the board with them, and the prize kept rising.
Eventually, all good things come to an end, and the time came for everyone to cast their vote. By this time, the prize was the largest ever seen in RetroGrade…. A HUGE L$6011. and the votes came in. A split board, everyone who won a vote would win a share of this vast pot.

The DJ J7ck described the night as “Wilder then a volcano fighting Godzilla and Muhammad Ali” and the Co-Manager donna Redrose commented “tonight’s gone mad. when will it end lol “
An amazing night and a great thank you to all who attended, joined the contest, and to those who contributed in putting the prize up through the roof.

RetroGrade lives in the NorthWest corner of Knightsbridge within Virtual London and is open 7 days a week 12pm SLT except when there is a tribute concert playing, usually in Hyde Park.
Always a fun friendly and yet crazy atmosphere, a great night is guaranteed for all

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