The Real London Underground

May 13, 2014 • Culture & Community, Guys n Geeks, News

I often find myself relaxing in Hyde Park enjoying the beauty and meeting new and interesting people. Sometimes I catch myself people watching, that is to say I sit and listen to all the interesting conversations. On this particular day I caught a rumor about “What’s really under the streets of London?”. Some people speculated “lots of rats” and others said “giant rats” and so on. This got me thinking of a story a heard a few years back about New York and the popular rumor of giant alligators in the sewers. Being a very curious person by nature and looking for a good story I decided to find out for myself and to put all the rumors to rest. Among the all the guessing in the park someone had said they heard some noises coming from a manhole. I figured this would be a good place to start my investigation.

After finding the site in question and bribing a local city worker 50 quid to open the manhole for me I headed down to find some answers.

Upon entering the sewers I was nearly knocked over by the smell of this dark water-soaked underground world. After getting used to the stench and getting my bearings I headed down the water filled tunnels.

Mile after mile of dirt and stink I was almost ready to call it off when I started to hear some very strange sounds. I begin to fellow letting my ears lead the way. Louder and loader closer and closer I was about to find the source of all the rumors and finally have the answers to all the questions from the hub. After taking a deep breath and gathering my courage (and trust me I will need it for what is about to happen) I rounded the corner and found something so disturbing only the photos can really describe the scene.

After These findings I’m left with more question then answers….

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