The Sexy Brits Celebrate by Jas (Blog 290)

January 4, 2016 • Culture & Community, Entertainment, Music, News, People

Over the past few nights in the London Sims we`ve had something to celebrate, and Jules certainly seemed to be doing just that in the above picture.

(Sorry Jules for the less than complimentary snap!) 

But, more on that later. Firstly, I thought I`d give you the “heads up” (gettit- headshots?) on some of the important people who help make the sims run like clockwork.

Nearly all these picture were taken over the past two days, at Sexy Brits nightclub in the Knightsbridge sim, so they should be up to date likenesses. Although, given the way people in Second Life change their avatars looks every 5 minutes -who knows?

host Zat_001 (2)dj rocket_004 (2)

Sexy Brits hosts Zat (above, L), Danny (below, L), Sandra (below, R), and DJ Rockit (above R).

host Danny_001 (2)host sandra_001 (2)

dj tanya_001 (2)

Host Manager/ DJ Tanya (above) looked like she didn`t know what all the fuss was about!

jules_004 (2)Snapshot_015 (2)

 Well-enough suspense-thanks to a surprise deal our sims now have 3 owner/managers instead of just the one.And what a beautiful trio they are! The new  co-owners of London Sims  are Jules and Debs (above) and Sun (below).
sun_002 (2)
DJ Manager and DJ Dez (below, right ) also put on a poker face at proceedings!

people_003 (2)dj dez_001 (2)

No, but really we are delighted by the news, and if our avies don`t show it -it`s beacause they are way too cool and sexy -like the male guest above left, and the three female guests below.

people_002 (2)pyp_002 (3)people_006 (3)

Lastly, there`s ” lil old” me -aka Jas (below), in my newly created office high above the London streets.

Beware what you do or say in the London Sims -I`ll be watching you – and probably with my finger on a camera button! 

Really,though, the London Sims are the original and best London in Second Life and well worth a visit.

The fun ,friendly folk will make you feel so welcome you`ll never want to leave!



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