The Sexy Six – DJs In Our Sims by Jas (Blog 18)

September 5, 2012 • News

The London Sims have some of the best DJs in Second Life. At the moment we are having marathon nights at Club 2012, which are to showcase various other pubs and clubs within our sims.The sets usually kick off at 11am (SLT) with a two hour set from Retrograde club.When the crowd are all revved up it is straight on to The Coach and Horses set for another fun-filled one or two hours. And then, just when you think you can party no more, the Club 2012 staff take over, and you are back on your feet dancing again. Here is a selection of some of the  DJs you will see at Club 2012- those who have been working hardest for you all summer long!

DJ CROFTY (left)






DJ PYP (above)

DJ CAZ (left- on right)





DJ GARY (right)

So over the next few weeks make sure you come down to Hyde Park to Club 2012 to see what you have been missing been missing. Playing Dance and other current music we have DJs Caz (Cazza33), Gary (Gary Langsdorff) and Donna (Donna Redrose), and with alternative music (from all eras) we have DJ Pyp (Pyp Mifflin). For most of the  the old classics, though,  DJs Wiccy (Wiccy Shackleton) and Crofty (Croft.Atolia) are your men! But all our DJs will take requests, so if there`s a song you just have to hear at any event, just ask and the DJ will do their best to play it for you. More than anything else, though, it is s the friendly and fun atmosphere that makes the London sims stand out from the crowd. That along with the quirky and  quintessentially  British sense of humour we have here. The staff are almost like a family, and they make every single avatar feel like they have been accepted straight into the fold from the moment they first arrive!

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