The Weekend`s Grand Opening at the Coach- and Improvisation Night Tonight by Jas (Blog 226)

February 3, 2014 • Culture & Community, Entertainment, News

On Saturday night it was time for the eagerly awaited re-opening of the Coach and Horses,in Mayfair (London Sims), and we had a four hour long “Grand Opening Party”. The word “grand” was applicable in two ways, as we had two contests both with 1K on the contest board. (Does that joke work outside the UK?) Some people (see below) seemed to have mis-read the “Best Dressed Party Guest ” notice, and maybe thought there was an “undressed ” element. Not really, though, the lovely Wolfe was only topless, and us girls always need  a bit of eye-candy!

Snapshot_018 (4)Snapshot_027 (2)

Snapshot_062 (3)

The first set was DJ`d by the beautiful Pyp Mifflin (above). She played an ecclectic mix of tunes ,which had everyone on the dance floor and teleporting friends in to join us. There was a sense of nostalgia,too, as everyone was reminded of the “good old days” at the Coach. Those days are back now,though,I pointed out, as we intend to fully recreate the cosy and close-knit community here.

Snapshot_059 (6)Jas


The talented Zoya (above,left) gave me the sweetest opening night present-a picture she had drawn of my avatar. We are trying to persuade her to start up a business drawing other people`s portraits, but for now it is friends only.  I LOVED the pic, though, and it went straight onto my profile.

Snapshot_028 (8)

The equally lovely Zoanon (above), who has been absent from London- and indeed Second Life for far too long, gave me a gift of a beautiful bunch of balloons,too. But, it wasn`t about the presents – it was about the presence ( do you see what I did there?), and the fact that so many of you  came along to support us.



The second DJ was the gorgeous Candi (below), who stepped in at the last moment, for which I will be forever grateful!

Snapshot_070 (4)


Candi,who is always  a bubbly and chatty DJ, had us all on her dance- hud and bopping away to her Rock and Roll music.

Snapshot_064 (3)

There were new faces around,too, which is what we like to see. I think some of the guys particularly liked this one (below), but you did have to wonder whether it was her face they were looking at!

Snapshot_073 (3)

The entire party was a fantastic success, and a great way to kick of the new era in the Coach and Horses` colourful history.

Snapshot_051 (2)


Tonight (Monday 3rd Feb) we are trying out a fun idea. Its an improvisation group-from 10am (Second life Time)-thats 6pm British Time. Did you ever watch the show “Whose line is it anyway?” and wish you could take part? Now is your chance.There will be hilarious games and scenarios- both in voice and text- for everyone to join in with. If you are interested, but a bit shy please do come along,too. No-one will be pushed into anything they don`t want to do. Tonight is all about creating a comfortable and fun atmosphere in our friendly pub,with, hopefuly, a lot of laughter, too!



Manager Jas surveys her new place with pride.

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