Things To Do In Hyde Park by Jas (Blog 21)

September 7, 2012 • News


 Hyde Park in Second Life has been created from pictures of the real thing and really exudes that same relaxing atmosphere.





Whether you want to take a stroll with a loved one, have a family picnic, take a horse ride or just chill out alone this is the place for you! We even have our own church )pictured above), which is  based on St Mary Abbots of Kensington.

 However, if you want your entertainment to be something a bit less sedate you might want to head to Club 2012, which is Second Life`s newest most happening place to be seen. Events are currently six hours long here, as we are currently showcasing other pubs and clubs in the London Sims too. Live DJs and friendly hosts ensure events are fun and filled with good music.  For those of you in Europe that means an evening filled with entertainment (from 7pm- 1am BST, which is from 11am- 5pm SLT). But, whichever time zone you are in , Hyde Park should provide 24/7 entertainment for everyone.
Anyone for yoga?

We have a New User Welcome Hub, where there are always friendly staff to answer your questions about Second Life and point you in the direction of the best shops. We also have a New User Experience Guide, which takes you through the basics of SL, on easy to understand boards. The  hub is  a very popular hang out for all kinds of London Sim`s regulars, who play games and catch up on all the local gossip there. So for all round fun, relaxation, partying, gossip, entertainment and friendliness, Hyde Park should always be your first port of call!

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