Silly London Sims Boys @ Chubby Checkers and Moments Ballroom by Jas (Blog 195)

December 5, 2013 • Entertainment, Music, News

Well, regular blog readers, I`m going to keep you in suspense over the Christmas London Sims theme for just one more day.(Furiously gathers together pictures!) But tomorrow all will be revealed. Meanwhile here`s some info and pics of the past few days at the clubs around our sims.

On Monday at Chubby Checkers in Knightsbridge the DJ was Manager Roach Draconia. It was Motown Monday and the mood was chilled, but still loads of fun. My avatar seemed to have a fainting spell- maybe after too much dancing – and was carted off on a stretcher by some rather handsome ambulance guys. Thankfully, on Tuesday I was feeling better, (those Second Life medicines do wonders!) so  I stepped in to host – as the scheduled host wasn`t available. It was my first time doing so since February,but I  was made to feel thoroughly welcome and was tipped enough to buy myself a Second Life Christmas tree for my house in Hyde Park- Yay! The theme was Rock and Roll- with a little bit of Motown thrown in for good measure, and the DJ was Roach again- he`s a hard working lad! Everyone has started to get really Christmassy, and some London Team members spotted that they could hop up on the bar and dance. Don`t get Health and Safety started on that matter!

Click here for pics of both events:-

Then, on Wednesday,it was time to check out Moments Ballroom in Kensington again.Everything looked beautiful and had been decorated for the festive season. We had all settled down to a slow dance to DJ JB`s calming tunes when guess who arrived- Entertainments Manager Jason Keegan and his silly sidekick Morph. (Love ya really boys!) They dragged each other around the floor and gave eachother Piggy- Back rides around the club. And as for their slow dancing don`t get me started. I think Jason`s wife (SL and RL) Destiny might have had a thing or two to say about it if she could see them! Then, regular Wolfe turned up in ripped jeans. Is there no respect for a sedate ballroom in Second life anymore? Only joking though.The more comedy the better in the London Sims, and everyone is welcome at events no matter what they are wearing -as long as their bits are covered!

See pics of this event by clicking this link:-

Come and join in the fun in London this weekend – you know you want to!


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