Through The Keyhole – A Winner, And Part Two – Another Chance To Win! by Jas (Blog 301)

February 28, 2016 • News

The winner of my previous “Through the Keyhole” competition was the  clever Pyp Mifflin (pictured below), who, after correctly guessing two London Team member`s homes, won one hundred Lindens.

Snapshot_009 (7)

The mystery residents were London builder Keira, and Entertainments Manager Jules.
Snapshot_003 (5)Snapshot_008 (4)

Now you too have the chance to win, as we are doing a second part of the same competition . This time there is also going to be a bonus question, too, as the cherry on the top of the cake. The bonus is worth an extra fifty lindens, and this competition IS open to London staff, too, as they may be the ones best able to pick up on the clues I am going to be dropping.

So (again-in my best  Loyd Grossman accent) it`s time to go “Through The Keyhole”.

The picture at the top of this blog shows the outside of this building in the prestigious Knightsbridge sim. It is converted into a number of loft style apartments. Somewhat surprisingly, given the sought after location and magnificent views, they are the cheapest places to rent in our sims.

Lets look and see if we can spot any clues. Could the avatar be interested in Second life photography – as  the camera and tripod in this shot seem to suggest?

Snapshot_025 (2)

The bedroom area (below) is done out in green, but could the wall art be more of a relevant clue- perhaps to our mystery avatar`s eye colour?

Snapshot_014 (3)

Snapshot_026 (4)

The picture above may contain more than the confirmation of photographic evidence. Could the desk be a bigger clue? The quill feather might suggest someone who spends a lot of time writing.


This steaming hot bath would be a lovely way to relax after a long hosting shift.

Snapshot_016 (5)
So let`s look again at those clues:

  1. Someone who likes to write.
  2. Someone who likes to take Second Life snaps
  3. An avatar with green eyes?
  4. And, one who would enjoy a nice soak after hosting.


Who lives in a house like this?

The second house in part two of the competition, this gorgeous Georgian mansion, is by far my favourite of the homes I`ve covered in this series of blogs. It is situated in the leafy streets of Mayfair -in the London Sims.

Snapshot_003 (8)

The garage has a sporty looking jeep.

Maybe this indicates someone who is a fan of “boys toys”.

b_003 (2)

Although the rambling Roses indicate a sensitive- perhaps artistic- soul.

Snapshot_004 (10)

The attention to detail in every room in the house might suggest someone who builds.

Snapshot_006 (3)

The large sofa and TV could indicate someone who likes to socialise here.

Snapshot_012 (3)

The details in the garden certainly look like they have been designed by the avatar in question.

b_002 (2)

Snapshot_008 (5)

Snapshot_007 (2) A closer look at the style, and a quick peek in the wardrobe seem to confirm we are looking at a male avatar`s home.


Snapshot_013 (5)
When I peered Snapshot_009 (5)at this drawing board I couldn`t make out if the plans were for the recently developed Hyde Park,or indeed any other part of the London Sims.


Snapshot_010 (5)

The kitchen looks inviting, but I`m afraid it would be misleading to suggest a full English breakfast would be served here. Although it certainly looks like the person behind the avatar may be a UK citizen.

So, let`s review the clues:Snapshot_011 (8)

  1. Someone who likes so called “Boys Toys”
  2. A builder in the London Sims?
  3. This avatar may enjoy socialising in our sims
  4. Could they be a designer, too?
  5. And where could they be from in the UK?


So, now you need to IM me your answer to the two mystery residents as soon as possible to be in with a chance to win a hundred linden. Dont forget this competition is open to the London Team,too, and theres a bonus fifty lindens for anyone who can tell me the connection between the two people behind the avatars residing in these homes, and why I was so eager to get this blog out on the first of March.

Daffodil (PSF)
(Isn`t it lovely to see the spring flowers returning today!)


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