Through the Keyhole, London Team Homes- Part One – by Jas (Blog 296)

February 7, 2016 • Culture & Community, News, People

Its competition time in the London Sims - and correctly deciphering the clues in this blog may lead to you winning Lindens! (Puts on her best Loyd Grossman voice - as Im definitely not doing either Keith Lemon or Sir David Frosts.) Its time to see “who lives in a house like this”. If you have been to the London Sims you will no doubt have seen some of the London Team going about their business. So, now its time to guess which staff member lives in which of our sim houses or apartments. Over a series of blogs in the next few days I will be posting some pictures of a mystery avatars home. Each of the residents has been an important part of the London Team over the past few months. Then, on Wednesday, I will be hosting a special linden winning Valentines Trivia event at the Coach and Horses.Whoever sends me an IM first, ( and is also present at the event) with the correct answer to the mystery residents, will win a hundred Linden dollars. Its that simple – and, as in the TV show, I`ll be dropping lots of clues along the way.

Let`s get started , and go “Through The Keyhole”.

Snapshot_027 (2)

This beautiful house is located in the Bayswater Road area of our sims, with the iconic landmark of Marble Arch visible at the end of the road. The houses overlook Hyde Park, and are part of the London Sims bus and taxi routes. There`s even a convenient Zebra Crossing right outside this residents home. Could the Union Jack signify the person behind the avatar is a British citizen?
Snapshot_019 (4)

And what about this poster on the railings outside? Could they be connected in some way with a real-life medical profession- perhaps even in a dangerous overseas location? Anyone who knows this person well will know that last year they became all too aware of the cost to lives that voluntary work can entail.

Snapshot_020 (3)

However, the evidence on the table indicates that their avatar is not so health conscious-albeit still an equally giving and generous person. If you had seen this avatar around the sims you would be in no doubt that they were a virtual smoker!

Snapshot_023 (5)

The pictures in the main living room could perhaps confirm the nationality of our London Team member, but could there also be more to the “Made in England ” sign? Could “quality technology” indicate they create things within Second Life – perhaps some of the beautiful locations around the London Sims? Also, the lack of furniture in the property indicates that this could be a second  SL home. Perhaps a London pad for someone who has another home elsewhere?

So, let`s review those clues.

The British flag outside the door.

The Medecins Sans Frontieres poster.

The packets of cigarettes and ashtray.

The Made In England sign indicating “quality technology”.

It`s time to decide- Who lives in a house like this?

And the second house in this part of the competition is in our Knightsbridge sim

Snapshot_029 (3)

I wondered if this person has a love of music -as the picture below might suggest.

Snapshot_035 (2)

And could they be HUGE in the London Sims entertainment scene?

Snapshot_037 (2)
Snapshot_033 (3)

The attention to detail in this beautiful home indicates a strong love of London. Could it have been enough to want to invest financially in a piece of it?

Snapshot_034 (2)



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