The Time Traveler’s Ball Was Amazing!

May 23, 2016 • Entertainment, Music, News

I had the pleasure of attending the Time Traveler’s Ball @ The London Sims this past week and I thoroughly enjoyed myself! And I must admit I do not know much at all about Dr. Who (Bad Geek!! I’m sorry! Don’t kill me!!!) but the decor was amazing and I loved the music DJ Sully had to entertain us and keep us moving! Just take a look at the decor and patrons at The Time Traveler’s Ball.

Time Traveler's Ball - Dance Floor

Time Traveler Ball 9 - decor & patron

I loved the decor so great job to the decorators! And of course, there was a tardis floating around too along with all the various patrons in their Dr. Who fandom garb!

Time Traveler Ball

And of course there were shenanigans happening on the dance floor! What would a party in Second Life be without those! I caught a banana dancing around in the Hot Guy Corner (as I called it)! And there was a lot more going on than that but I only can show you so much here! LOL! In other words it was a blast and a half!

Time Traveler's Ball - Rachel Caggles

And yeah, I don’t know Dr. Who at all, except for a couple episodes, but I did recognize some of the music DJ Sully played as in theme music. And some great song requests too!

DJ Sully & Host - Sandra Foxchase Collage

So if you didn’t make this one, you need to make the next one! I wish I could post all the pictures here, but there are just way too many!  It was my first Dr. Who outfit but I wish I would have gone into a little more expense and grabbed up this outfit! But I chose the 10th Dr instead and some great Dr. Who themed high heels with sound! But here is the outfit I really liked, and then what I choose to wear! Ruby had it going on!

Time Traveler's Ball - Ruby

I am the one on the left in that picture above. And here I am so you can really see what I was wearing… But there were so many more great outfits all over the dance floor, it was hard to choose a favorite one!

My Dr Who Outfit Collage

And mine was the tenth doctor dress and some Tardis / Dalek heels that would say “EXTERMINATE” every few minutes! I loved those heels! The dress I found on the MP:  D&N. Dr When Tenth Doctor Dress and I am wearing it on a Maitreya Mesh Body and the shoes are Slink High Heels from  !!BHB!! (Sale) DR WHO GLASS SLIPPERS V2 . If you want to know anymore, hit up my IM inworld or check my profile for my blog, the other items are there in the last recent posts (specifically #101).

Time Traveler's Ball Collage

And don’t forget to get your geek on at the Comic Convention later this week at The London Sims! And let me apologize for this getting out here so late! But!!! I was a volunteer at a local ComicCon this weekend which was AMAZING and I will post on that too in the next day! I had ton’s to do to get ready and everything had to wait until this weekend was over and I was rested up to get going again! Thank you for your patience!

And!!! I want to thank DJ Star for snapping some pics for me! Many of my pics showed how badly I was rezzing everything there and I was having lots of connection problems prior to that so Thank you so much, Star!!! Those came in very handy!

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