Today’s Events! – Hitchhiker’s Guide and DJ Pyp

May 21, 2014 • Entertainment, Music, News, Second Life

Come join the best events in Second Life today and hang out with friends in Hyde Park

Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy radio series – series 3

To be played all day in the bowels of a Vogon Construction Ship.

To get here, use  this link:

The Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy radio series is being played all day for you – Today listen to series 3 and join in the listening experience of this series in the bowels of a Vogon Construction Ship.

London Tube

14:00DJ Pyp plays you Rock/Metal

At the London Tube @

Wednesday Music: Rock/Metal with DJ Pyp and Host Jas between 2-4pm SLT (UK Time +8 = 10pm – midnight)
To get here click the link:
You’ll find the London Tube is as expected – steamy bodies, trains, diesel, heavy sounds, noise, metal, concrete & rock! Inspired by rock and metal, sweat and blood. London Tube rock & metal club lies somewhere deep in the bowels of London. You get pumping music, strumming strings and all the heavy action of a hot sweaty stage where a rock or metal band plays. Sounds the DJ plays will make you think of the pushing and heaving of the London Tube. So where better than to open a club like that? Bring your ‘attitude’ to this club and you’ll get a good time, whether you’re a Second Life ‘lifer’ doing 9 years time or if you’re brand new to the SL scene. The club will play the whole range of rock & metal. You can even get to influence what’s played here with a voting board or just hang out in the murky depths of London here. The manager Brandon and his team are waiting to give you a rock metal welcome. See you there!

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