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Top 10 Lines for Sex on Second Life

July 31, 2014 • News, Second Life, Social Media

Top 10 Lines for Sex on Second Life (SL)

This list was made by a group of females who were kindly helping New Users in busy Second Life London. We’re sharing these for two reasons. Firstly, to encourage all those who want avatar sex to be creative, the ‘1 in 10 say yes’ doesn’t work here! – so wise up and be original. Secondly, it’s to inform other ladies that, ‘yes we get it too!’. Lame chat-up lines that lead to one thing. Girls, if you want to make money with this, it should be a doddle. Just lead them to the nearest ATM before you hit the bedroom, beach or whatever.

Now for the List

1. Want sex – obvious and to the point, hopefully a swift “no” response is enough before it turns to begging.

2. Your avatar is sexy – Thanks but so is 99% of SL, try again


Your avatar is sexy

3. You smell nice – immediate role play is creepy
4. Do you have a house – no ‘Hi, how are you?’, bam just want to get on those pose balls
5. Do you want to see my house – again…. No nice pleasantries, straight to the pose balls
6. Where are you from? And oh I want to move there – attempts at green card and seduction

Where are you from? ...Oh I want to move there

Where are you from? …Oh I want to move there

7. I have a 9 inch cock – we are on a game, your real cock is of no purpose oh and again so do 99% of males on SL
8. I own this sim can I show you around? – meanwhile it is actually owned by you or one of your friends
9. In real life I am a virgin, can you teach me some things? – go get a real life prostitute
10. Follow me – mostly used on men, and you get a tp to an escort place, because you can’t find it yourself.

My personal observations from people solely looking for sex, are that they are one day old noobs, have a 5 year account but still look like noobs, or people looking for a free ride out of their countries.

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Sex Line Epilogue

Please don’t try the old cliche’s either – from movies like Grand Hotel and other oldies. Lines like these are guaranteed to make a girl puke on the spot. Not sexy.

Grusinskaya: Who are you?
Baron: Someone who could love you, that’s all. Someone who’s forgotten everything else but you.
Grusinskaya: You could love me?
Baron: I’ve never seen anything in my life as beautiful as you are.

Baron and dancing girl Grusinskaya



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