Top 40 pics of First Two Nights at Chubby Checkers in the London Sims by Jas (Blog 194)

December 1, 2013 • News

The opening night at Chubby Checkers in Knightsbridge was hopping! Avatars flocked to the scene of the the new retro club for their five- hour extravaganza. First of all it was DJ Destiny in charge of the tunes. She was assisted by the beautiful Georgie as host . The fifties tunes had all the avatars out on the dance floor and twisting and shouting! Everyone had really got into the theme and dressed up. I spotted several Elvis` and at least 6 Pink Ladies!

After Destiny`s set it was over to DJ JB Goode (Johnny B Goode- get it!) whose host was the lovely Jayde. The atmosphere was buzzing – it really felt like a retro diner. The great tunes certainly helped!

Then, at 11pm (Brit Time) it was time for the main attraction.We were privileged to have the live Tribute singer Helvis in the building! He is from the North- East of England, but everyone was astonished at how like The King he sounded. Helvis really involved the crowd in his set too- even asking acouple of ladies from the audience to come up on stage with him for a song. One of the lucky ones chosen was our very own Debs Regent – Owner of the London Sims. Debs was thrilled and almost seemed a bit starstruck!

For pics of the event please click below. (Sorry my computer still won`t load the slide- show – slaps her naughty computer!)

Then. last night I was mooching around Second Life when I spotted another event just starting at Chubby Checkers. This time it was DJ Jason on the decks.Manager Roach Draconia seemed to have had a sex- change for the event,although his designer stubble was still prominent! It has to be said that he looked great in his mini skirt and leather boots. He was certainly heckled enough by the audience throughout his set!

It was good to see that Friday night hadn`t been a one off though, as lots of people attended again. You can`t beat a bit of nostalgic music! Most people had changed into different fifties outfits, but it has to be said I was one of those still wearing the same clothes. When I pointed this out Jason commented that there was a strange smell coming from me – perhaps my avatar had spent the night in the park after one too many celebratory glasses of Champagne the night before!

Pics of Saturday`s event can be accessed here –

Anyway, a great time was had by all. This new club really brings out the best in the London Team and it`s great to see crowds coming back to our sims. We`ve missed you all. It`s also great to see that people are there for the music and the fun – as we didn`t have any prize incentive for the events. London really rocked – and its not the end of the weekend yet. There`s another event on tonight at Chubby Checkers in Knightsbridge (just behind the virtual Big Ben) at midday (Second Life Time) – 8pm (Brit Time). See you there!



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