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September 9, 2014 • Advice, Culture & Community, News, Second Life

What Are Breedables?

A ‘Breedable’ is a virtual pet in Second Life™. It may sound obvious, but because it’s breedable it can have babies. These are usually delivered in nests. The nests need to be hatched for the baby to be born.


A Breedable Sim

A breedable pet will reproduce itself genetically with a mate, similar to the natural process. Every breedable has traits that can be inherited by its offspring. It also passes its genes on to the next generation for them to carry on down the genetic line.

You can choose your favourite pets or select the traits for scarcity and maximum value when they will eventually be bred. You then breed them with a suitable mate and attempt to get the traits you want passed to the next generation.

Some breedable traits are rare and others are common. It’s no surprise that rare traits are more desirable than common ones.


Breedable Traits


When breedables go past a certain date you can’t reproduce with them anymore. You may then want to turn them into ‘pets’. I’ve seen a breedable ‘pet’ for sale for L$30,000 (pets are breedables that are too old to breed anymore so won’t have offspring.

They’re just ‘pets’). When you’ve finished breeding with your new pet and turned it into a true pet and it’ll be your buddy for life. These perfect pets will be your pride and joy as well as your best friend for your entire (second) life.


Sun at her friends place with her breedable pet (see the pink ears in the pink grass)

These breedables are all the rage in Second Life.

So your next question is – what kind of pet do you want? You can have it all in Second Life – with no poop!

What Can I Get As A Breedable?

I’ve now seen breedables in many forms. Cats, dogs, ponies, horses, fennux, meeroos, robots, birds, dinosaurs – ‘fashion’ breedables and even breedable shoes!!

One thing every breedable has in common is that it’s cute. Even fashion lines are cute with colourful and varied designs. You can make your own breedable pets in Second Life too even Troubot Robots!


Breedable Robots

One breedable I can’t resist is a Fennux, these skewed imaginary creatures are Second Life’s take on Fennec Desert Foxes, the smallest species of canid in the world. This species includes dogs, wolves, foxes, jackals, coyotes and other dog-like mammals.


10 month old Fennec Pup


All breedables come in many different colours and designs, the Fennux is no different in that way. This is because they each have their own personal pedigree and genetic family tree.

Where Can I Get A Breedable?

Why a Fennux?

Because they are the most popular breedable about these days. They’ve replaced the Meeroos, which were a long time favourite. The only problem with Fennuxes is that there are a lot of them.


Variety in the Fennux

As with most popular things, when there are a lot, the market gets saturated and competition is strong. However don’t let that put you off.

All breedables vary in technique and how they breed. Part of the excitement is not knowing what you’ll end up with.

At the end of their reproductive cycle, once their breeding life expectacy has been met, they can be made into a pet.

One of the costs with breedables is the feeding. Breedables need feeding and this is where the mony is spent. People have to buy kibbles and feed their pets with this. You can usually get these from places that also sell the breedables.


Fennux Store

It costs a lot of money to feed a Fennux for example and you have to be prepared for this in the hope of making a lot of money on a good offspring.  Breedables are also high prim and highly scripted, so this is also a consideration to take into account.

Always get expert advice and ask people who have already done breedables. If they stopped, find out why too? This information could stop yo making the same mistakes in the future.

Good Luck with your breedables.





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