Trans-Siberian Orchestra Tribute in Hyde Park by Jas (Blog 127)

January 6, 2013 • News

The London Open- Air Music Festival was pretty darn amazing, but I feel I owe a whole blog to pictures of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra tribute act- who frankly blew me away!

The light show, which Im afraid pictures on my laptop dont do enough credit to, was spell-binding. Members of the London Team sat in silence (very unusual for them!) with the other guests as we let the atmosphere wash over us. It really felt like being at a live show and team member Wiccy admitted that the whole thing brought a tear to his eye- aww, hes not as tough as he makes out is he?
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<div>The attention to detail was great!</div>
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And, the encore the crowd requested ran way over into the next act
s slot (sorry-Sonix)!

This was definitely the best tribute act I have seen in Second Life by far and I for one will be looking out for their next performance- as due to time constraints we only got a condensed version. Rock on the London Sims!

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