Trivia and a Bday Party @ Coach n Horses Pub

April 11, 2012 • News

Today, Tuesday April 10th, there was lots of fun going on at Coach and Horses Pub.

Tuesdays are trivia night but this week it was also Coach’s Host Tamara’s RL Bday and we thru her a party at the Pub.

Tam’s SL guy Alex sent Manager/DJ Mia Deluca a list of songs to play for Tam and Mia added a few of her own to round out the music to a full 2 hours.

Manager Mia also decorated the Pub with some Bday decorations which included cake, bday beer, margaritas and even party hats, noisemakers and shirts.

Thanks to Alex we also threw up a surprise Come As Are Contest to go along with Trivia Night. Board started at 500L but soon was raised to 750L.

There wasnt as many trivia questions as normally is for Trivia Night but Manager/DJ Mia did do about 20 trivia questions without a specific theme to them.

Everyone had a blast dancing, chatting, playing the sploder as well as wished Tamara a Happy Birthday. Tamara even was the top winner of the contest with 3 votes while a few others grabbed 2 votes and many also won a bit of the prize with one vote.

We always have a great time at Coach and Horses Pub. Be sure to check us out on the London Mayfair sim, Mon-Sats 1-3pm slt with live Djs, contests, a trivia night (Tuesdays) and coming soon, a Game Night.

Contact Coach n Horses Pub Manager, Mia Deluca, for group invite or any questions. And we hope to see you at the Pub soon.

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