Trivia Fun @ Coach and Horses Pub

March 21, 2012 • News

Tuesdays are almost always Trivia Night at Coach and Horses Pub.

Manager/DJ Mia Deluca has been doing Trivia Night at the Pub for over a year. It has been a big hit and everyone has a blast trying to be the fastest to answer correctly to win some lindens. Sometimes there are some hard questions that even the trivia pros who come to Coach n Horses Pub get stumped. Some weeks Mia sets a theme for the trivia, some weeks it is a mix of random questions. Lately it has been themed.

This week, Manager/DJ Mia decided to go with Chocolate/Candy trivia being Easter is fast approaching and Valentine’s Day just ending, a good time to talk Chocolate. Guests were getting cravings for Chocolate and other candies. And course some questions were US candy specific making a few UKers who didnt know the specific candy, wanting to try it.

We always have a great time with Trivia each week. Conversations get going from the questions and answers and sometimes those convo’s can get a bit strange, weird, fun, maybe a bit in gutter

Mia spins a selection of 80s and 90s music on Tuesdays. This week she did mostly rock.

We always have a great time at Coach and Horses Pub. Come check us out Mon-Sat 1-3pm slt for live DJs and contests (trivia on Tuesdays). Saturdays we are in Hyde Park. There is a board inside the pub that also tells the themes and DJs for the week so if ever want to know ahead of time, check it out. We are located on the London Mayfair Sim:

Here are a few pics from this week’s trivia night:

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