Trivia Night at Coach and Horses Pub

July 27, 2011 • News

Tuesdays are always Trivia Night at Coach and Horses Pub.

Some weeks are a little slower than others as many of our trivia fans get busy here and there but we still had enough of a turnout to play some trivia.
This week, DJ/Manager Mia Deluca decided to go with a theme for the trivia. She did some SuperHero trivia.
Conversations spun off of the trivia questions and everyone had a great time.
DJ/Manager Mia caved and decided to dance with one of her fans (alex). And as normal for C&H Pub, some took to dancing on the bar, like Coyote Ugly.
It was also the newest staff member, Cath’s, first shift. She is still learning the ropes to hosting but did an awesome job for her first shift. Cathlace is a regular at C&H so it was fitting for her to take a position as host.
DJ/Manager Mia was glad to add her to staff and fill a much needed shift, trivia night. Cath might fill in for other hosts as needed and will be learning the rest of the ropes of hosting (for if she does fill in), so if you see her hosting, do welcome her to the staff and be patient as she learns some things.
Be sure to stop by Coach and Horses Pub for great DJs, friendly atmosphere and fun.
Here are a few pics from Trivia Night

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