Trivia night becoming a Hit at Coach

April 4, 2011 • Uncategorised

Trivia night is fast becoming a hit at Coach and Horses Pub on Mayfair sim.

If you havent had a chance to check it out yet, Coach does trivia night every Monday night and is just getting ready to start having Trivia on Tuesdays as well.
Tonight we had 10 London Trivia questions to start with. Then Co-Manager Mia Deluca got out a useless trivia notecard and did some random trivia from that.
It was a blast. Some questions were on the harder side and so was some guessing happening. Some questions were fairly easy as well and it was a matter of who could type the answer the fastest 🙂
We had DJ Steph covering for DJ Aarons today. She played loads of great tunes that everyone was enjoying including requests.
Be sure to check out Coach and Horses Pub any day 1:30-3:30pm slt for great DJs and more.

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