No More Trolls

Trolls Beware – The Law Will Get You!

March 1, 2014 • Business, Culture & Community, News, Social Media

Watch out, because Culture secretary Maria Miller has her sights set on you!
Rt Hon Maria Miller MP, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport (8185456067)

Maria Miller gunning for Trolls

According to the Metro, at the Oxford Media Convention, the Culture Secretary informed the audience that ‘The internet isn’t a “Second Life”… It isn’t something where different rules apply, where different behaviour is acceptable – it isn’t the wild west.’ So Trolls get ready for your final showdown because your day is coming – and soon!


No More Trolls

No More Trolls


Maria Miller declared war on Trolls on that Wednesday. Unacceptable behaviour – that’s illegal in the real world – when hidden behind an Anonymous Avatar – is still abuse and legally you can be prosecuted for it.  She said, ‘Whether it is images of child abuse or terrorist material we will use the full force of the law, national and international, to take down that content and pursue the perpetrators.’ – so watch out, whether you hide behind an avatar or not, you may hear a knock on the door and the next thing you will see is a camera taking your picture in a police station.


 photo 20130503_police_001_zps1860d43c.jpg

They can find you – wherever you hide


Along with many of us, the Culture secretary sees that behaviour of this kind, which is unlawful in the real world is also unlawful in the virtual world. You wouldn’t do it to your neighbor without expecting a bloody nose, so why is it OK when you hide behind a screen? – A coward will do this, simply to avoid the consequences. It’s OK simply because you don’t ‘think’ you’ll get caught!

Think again!
 photo 20130503_police_030_zps1c476b31.jpg

Internet Trolls Are Within The Reach Of The Law


Maria Miller said ‘If you vilely insulted, or threatened to attack someone in person on the street, you do so expecting to be arrested and charged. The same already applies on social media.’ The days of hiding behind an avatar are gone. We should all be accountable for our actions and should all suffer the legal consequences of them if we act against the law.

The article in the Metro informed us that Trolls “were told to expect arrest if they threatened or abused people on social media sites.”

 photo 20130412park_004_zpsfbcce5aa.png

Bananas can be abusive in the hands of a Troll


We may think a SecondLife is free from the legal constraints in the real world, but it isn’t. It’s full of all the consequences we have for our behaviour in the real world. One day anonymity will be a dream and the people to blame for spoiling it will be those who broke too many rules and abused too many people.

– Thank you Trolls !

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