Two events at Chubbys -London Sims by Jas (Blog 218)

January 13, 2014 • Entertainment, Music, News

I`ve been unexpectedly called in to host at two events at Chubby Checkers in the past few days. Firstly, on Friday, it was my first time hosting with DJ Destiny (below).

Snapshot_055 (3)


The music was great- Destiny let me hop onto her dance hud and we all boogied on down to 70s Disco tunes!

Snapshot_065 (2)

Destiny`s hubby (RL and SL) and London Sims Estate Manager Jason got a little carried away dancing and jumped up into the car we have on the wall. Who knew you could do that? I`ll be remembering to have a go sometime when I`m not hosting.

Snapshot_058 (4)


Then, last night (Sunday), I filled in for Georgie, who was busy in RL , and hosted with DJ Madhatter. No, that wasn`t me in the pic at the top. That guest`s chest size far exceeds mine! DJ Madhatter was in fine form, as he spun some excellent 60s tunes.

Snapshot_081 (4)


Debs Regent (below), Owner and Manager of the London Sims, had even popped in for a dance.

Snapshot_057 (7)Snapshot_066 (7)


There was quite a crowd there, and people seemed to be really enjoying themselves!


And, the DJ got a lovely hug from his girlfriend as a reward for his efforts! Snapshot_062 (7)





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