UFOs Over Hyde Park- RL and SL by Jas (Blog 277)

November 10, 2015 • News

Map marker icon – Nicolas Mollet – Ufo – Events – SimpleWhile browsing my photos of Hyde Park, in the London Sims, I discovered a

“flap” (the proper term for a group of alien sightings) of strange pictures. Could

SL be experiencing the same phenomenon that hit Hyde Park in June this year?  Alien Spaceship - SVG Vector.svg

nov 6th d_009 (2)

Last summer several British newspapers  reported that (in real life) there had been

many UFO sightings at a Blur concert in Hyde Park on the 20th of June.

The evidence for this is shown in the U Tube video below,

but I think we can do one better with the pictures above and below the link.

Real Life could only manage a few little white dots.

Whereas we, in Second Life,  had hundreds of them!


nov 6th_005 (2)

So, have the spacemen decided to visit us in virtual London,too?

      Snapshot_002 (8)    

          And if so, why have they decided to dazzle us in technicolour?

Or are they trying to send us a sign- maybe, revealing their intended landing spot?

  nov 6th d_026 (2)                

But no, of course, I`m joking.

The pics were fireworks from last Friday`s second Bonfire event in the London Sims.

  DJ Lazy_002 (3)

DJ Lazy B (above) gave us some great tunes as we watched another

wonderful fireworks display by Wiccy Shakleton.

Some avatars had looked like they were a bit impatient for it to get dark and the event to start!

nov 6th_002 (2)

But, when it did, the wording on the neon lights expressed peoples feelings exactly! 

nov 6th d_007 (2)






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