Underwater Adventures in the London Sims by Jas (Blog 248)

March 29, 2014 • News

Snapshot_025 (4)

A Swim in the Sims (London) for Manager Debs

The Underwater event at London Tube on Thursday was one of the best events I have been to there. Imagine you looked out of your train window as it pulled into a station, and the above picture was your view.  The entire club had been flooded, and a wide assortment of guests had arrived , including lots of mermaids! Others, like London Sims Manager Debs Regent (left), had come in a simple swimsuit. I`ve also included in this blog some art work relating to the sea and mermaids, and a few video links for you.                                                Wanda-fish-applet-gnome-kuote 

     Where did the fisherman and mermaid meet ?              On line!


Mermaid and computer
Mořská panna photo Snapshot_0508_zps41052918.png

London Tube Manager Brandon (or should I say Neptune?) was the DJ on the decks.

Didn`t he have a impressively big trident , girls?

 photo Snapshot_02815_zpsa53d7b35.pngWerner van den Valckert - Neptune (1619)

I was also reminded of the Simpsons song about living under the sea. (link below)

Paul Jones the pirate photo Snapshot_0575_zps73c43795.png

 photo Snapshot_0673_zpse660c815.png
 photo Snapshot_0683_zpsba42c373.pngSupprised Octopus                       How many tickles does it take to make an octopus laugh?    Tentacles.


 Sorry for all the incredibly bad jokes – it just had to be done!
 photo Snapshot_0795_zps47086a43.png photo Snapshot_0597_zpsddbdc292.png
 photo Snapshot_082_zps88099eda.png
Wanda-fish-applet-gnome-kuote You MUST watch the video below for some informative facts(?!) about sea creatures!

La Sirène - Charles Landelle, 1879 photo Snapshot_0609_zpsabf3b9cd.png
 photo Snapshot_0187_zpsfaec0c4d.pngSirena Diyesebel The Philippine Mermaid Commons
Supprised Octopus

How does an octopus go to war?           Well-armed!

The least said the better about Estate Manager Jason Keegan`s outfit (above, left)!

Of course, some avatars are constantly mermaids on Second Life. One such person is Kwizzee (below,left),who is a permanent resident in the Serpentne lake in Hyde Park within our sims. It seems that she`s not the first to have thought of this idea, though, as the article below shows.

 photo Snapshot_00318_zpsd03731e4.pngThe Mermaid and the Satyr photo Snapshot_0349_zpsc8891384.png  photo Snapshot_0158_zps63c15345.png
What is a mermaid’s favorite song? Salmon-chanted Evening!

Host and Assistant Manager at the Tube Sarah (pictured above, right) looked like she was having far too much of a good time!

 photo Snapshot_0665_zpsfed936e4.png


But, we were still left with one of the greatest undersea mysteries at the end of the event.

How was Tube minion Tony managing to paint underwater?

 photo Snapshot_0852_zpsb8303964.png

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