Uniforms and a 10th Rez Day in Second Life`s Original London by Jas (Blog 244)

March 16, 2014 • Entertainment, Music, News

Emile Cohl - Untitled 1905

At the Coach and Horses in the  London Sims we had a “Best in Uniform” event last Friday.

It was a little biased towards  law enforcement, though, as we had 3 cop-girls and a  prisoner!

  Best In Uniform

Ebenezer Denning, Vanity Fair, 1884-08-16 photo Snapshot_0044_zps0063bcfd.png

Be honest here guys -which one of these would you rather be arrested by?

Tom Wilson as the cop in The Kid (1921) photo Snapshot_00312_zps6d384805.png

Coach Manager Jas (below) had the unruly guests well under control!

 photo Snapshot_01610_zpse55e4076.pngSgtPat1

DJ BlackBonez (below) certainly wasn`t complaining about some of the cops` suggestions!

 photo Snapshot_0152_zps38505c1b.pngWhistle Cop Sept 1920

Other guests included this airline pilot, below…

 photo Snapshot_00212_zpse24049a9.pngNARA-542191-WASP-pilot

… and this popular Queen`s Guard!

 photo Snapshot_0185_zps5028db87.pngQueens Guard Windsor

The thousand Linden contest board had brought you all out in force!

  photo Snapshot_0259_zpsaaf8f966.png

                        Poor Jas was exhausted – and had to go for a quick nap afterwards.

 Candle (PSF) Happy 10th 

 photo Snapshot_0633_zpsd47d335b.pngRez Day Pyp Mifflin ! The Elf- Eared Beauty Pyp Mifflin celebrates her 10th Rez Day today. Pyp has been a major player in London for many years , and currently DJs at the Coach and Horses. Pyp is also one of the best friends I have had in Second Life. She wasn`t keen on having a party so I took her shopping instead.




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