Valentines On The Lake Sponsored By Moments Ballroom by Jas (Blog 232)

February 15, 2014 • Entertainment, Music, News, Romantic

Certain London Team members were getting very loved-up at the “Valentines on the Lake” event  in the London Sims, last night.

Snapshot_017 (7)

Estate Manager Jason Keegan and his wife (in real-life and Second Life) Destiny (above) had a very romantic dance.

Snapshot_054 (2)

The event was held on some specially constructed platforms above the Serpentine lake in Hyde Park.

Snapshot_027 (11)Snapshot_021 (2)

Moments Ballroom was the sponsor for the evening and Manager Jayde Enoch and fiancee JB (both above) were making the most of the smoochy tunes. JB was also the DJ for the first half of the event, and Jayde hosted.

Snapshot_055 (6)

You couldn’t have asked for a more romantic setting!

Snapshot_028 (8)Snapshot_044 (7)

DJ Roach Draconia (seen below left, with his lovely girlfriend Honey) took over the decks for the last two hours, and Destiny Keegan hosted.

Snapshot_038 (5)Snapshot_007 (4)

The music was divine, and the atmosphere electric with anticipation,

Snapshot_065 (4)Snapshot_062 (5)

Snapshot_053 (3)

Snapshot_073 (3)

Snapshot_006 (6)

Snapshot_063 (10)

Some of us either sat it out or danced alone, though.

Snapshot_070 (6)

Snapshot_067 (6)

At the end of a really beautiful night, looking across the lake, it almost seemed like the London Sims`Hyde Park could be paradise!

Snapshot_050 (8)

And London Team member Keira (seen below at the Coach and Horses opening night a few weeks ago) was excused from the event, but with good reason. It was her real life birthday – and she was out on the town partying.

Snapshot_047 (7)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY lovely Keira! But kids don`t follow her example- smoking is bad.

PS: Jas finishes her blog and goes off for a sneaky cig!


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