Valentine`s Trivia and Preparations For Our Big February Event in the London Sims by Jas (Blog 297)

February 13, 2016 • News

The marquee is out and everything is set for the most romantic weekend of the year in the London Sims.

But firstly, I have to thanSnapshot_002 (15)k you all for coming along to the Valentines Trivia event at the Coach and Horses pub this week. Not only did a lot of London regulars come, but also several of you from the SL trivia group that I belong to.  It was my (Jas) first trivia hosting event in many years, and it really meant a lot to see so many familiar faces. DJ Dreamer (left) was a star, as always, playing some brilliant retro love songs.


I find quizzes are a great way  to meet new people, as half the fun is the weird and wonderful answers that can come up- and of course the subjects that encourage plenty of conversation. Unfortunately I was so busy doing all those things that I didn`t get any pictures. Here are some of the Coach and Horses, though- a place very close to my heart.    

Snapshot_008 (5)
Snapshot_008 (4)Snapshot_011 (4)

But in preparation for the big day of love the pink silk tent has been up in Hyde Park since there was snow on the ground. Maybe it`s the warmth of the hearts of Londoners that have thawed it, or perhaps spring is finally knocking on the door in the London Sims.

Snapshot_013 (2)

Snapshot_016 (3)


Snapshot_011 (3)

Did you spot the kissing booth?

My avatar certainly did when it was placed by Big Ben earlier this month!

Snapshot_016 (3)


She didn`t get any takers!

But rather than become despondent, she went and spoke to a clever owl..

Purple heart iconSnapshot_002 (11)Purple heart icon

..and, inspired by the true love of her old  friends Alex and Tam (below),..

Snapshot_012 (4)

… she has become a wise old bird herself!

My thought for the day is:

It is always better to wait for real love than to settle for second best.

And my avie`s thought is expressed in the picture below. 

Snapshot_011 (5)

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