Virtual Relationships – The Meeting

May 1, 2016 • Culture & Community, News, People, Romantic, Second Life, Social Media

Relationships in Second Life

I never thought I would write about Second Life relationships and romance… but here goes.

This post was prompted by an approach from a new user in the Hyde Park HUB area. He was around 6 minutes old and brand new. Let’s call him ‘Mike’.

relationships Relationships

Meeting Mike in London

Mike ran up to me in this virtual world and immediately intruded on my private space. Now that was OK, because I’ve been around a bit and know this is the behaviour of many new users who are trying to get to know you and form relationships. He was obviously used to ‘games’ because he managed to start up a conversation in Instant Message (private chat window) with me fairly rapidly.

He said ‘Hello baby’… so I thought to myself – “righty ho … here we go, another sexual predator to fend off and get rid of”. – So I responded with a ‘hi’. He was persistent and asked what there was to do in this game, so I told him it is a game of your own making that you can immerse yourself into any adventure you choose to. He wasn’t interested in all that and wanted to be my ‘friend’ instead, so I accepted his ‘friendship’.

relationships Relationships

Mike’s opening line

He asked me to be his girlfriend (fast mover this one). I told him I wasn’t interested in a virtual romance and that I was old, fat and ugly – when this didn’t work I told him I was also married, thinking this to be the ‘piece de resistance’. This still did not deter him, but he changed tack slightly. He told me he wanted to find a girlfriend for a relationship and had been told that he could do so in Second Life.

Of course being the usual female sucker for a guy in distress, I decided I could help him (I know, I know – you’re thinking ‘idiot’ – you fell for that old ploy). So I showed him part of the London Sims where he would meet people who are what I would call ‘relatively safe’.

relationships Relationships

Asking Mike to follow me to the Hub

The London Hub in Hyde Park is a place where newcomers come when they are newly ‘born’ to Second Life. They come here because there is are lots of friendly regulars who are there to help and make their learning experience easier. When we arrived, he saw all these new females (I did tell you my avatar is female?) and as a friend, I advised him to start a chat with one of them and get to know them to form a relationship with them. I leave this story here because this is where I exited, after introducing him to a female who I knew was kind and helpful.


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