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October 1, 2014 • Business, Culture & Community, News, People, Second Life, Tech & Gadgets

Virtual World Explosion

This week Google searches for Second Life went up by 11%. Searches for Virtual Worlds went up by even more – 23%. With all the hype and development going on around virtual worlds at present, it looks like us Second Lifers had our money on the action all the time.

virtual world headset

Londoners Wearing SL version of VR headsets

This past week has seen the London EGX Expo, the Tokyo Game Show, VR glasses at XBiz, and ‘Samsung Presents’ at the Sydney Opera House introduce the Samsung Gear VR, an Oculus Rift rival.

London EuroGamer Expo (EGX)

Last week Earls Court in central London held the European gamers event of the year. At London’s EGX gaming event, attendees get a look at upcoming changes in game development, virtual worlds and virtual reality gadgets.

Oculus Rift Virtual World Headset

Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo all had strong representation there and the Oculus Rift was being hyped by its owner Facebook because of position tracking (moving our head while wearing them moves your in world view to follow your head movement).

virtual world headset

EuroGamer Expo

Oculus Rift now means that games are now being adapted for the virtual reality world. We’re all still waiting for Oculus’ release of Development Kit 2 (DK2). When it’s out we expect to see loads of people coming along to London just to try out the roller coaster with these new headsets.

Unfortunately this event will not be in London next year, as Earls Court Exhibition Centre is due for demolition. However it will take place, but at a new venue – in Birmingham.

Oculus Rift DK2 Has Stiff Competition

Samsung Virtual World Headset

Last week, Samsung Presents at Sydney Opera House also announced their Gear VR. This is their own brand of the Oculus Rift headset. It’s a sleek model and going by Samsung’s ability to market tech, looks like it may be the market winner in this space.

virtual world headset

Samsung Gear VR

This headset is not just aimed at gamers, it’s also gamed at serious users. Samsung’s existing grip on the mobile market may just ensure its success, providing these headsets perform as well as Samsung’s other gadgets. Samsung also showed new phablets, wearables and a VR range.

Virtual reality: the star of Tokyo Game Show 2014

 Sony Virtual World Headset

Over 400 exhibitors showed their stuff off at The Tokyo Game Show last week. Sony used this show to promote their own VR headset – Morpheus. Sony has been struggling against companies like the Korean Samsung lately so this is a much needed boost.

It’s not all bad for Sony however, their games division is doing well, with the PS4 selling 2 to one against Xbox and Wii. This is one reason they too are climbing aboard the VR bandwagon and riding the gadget trail. Let’s home for them that the visual quality of Morpheus beats the others also when in production.

virtual world headset

Project Morpheus Sony VR


A Dell Alienware / Area 51 desktop crossover was also introduced at this show too. If you’re ready for gaming it looks like Dell has you in its sights. Very attractive piece of kit here.

virtual world headset

Dell Alienware Area 51

London Expo XBiz Adult Entertainment Conference

Just one last highly related conference to add to last week’s tech meet roundup.

Held at the Hilton London Metropole, XBiz is the ultimate event on Adult Entertainment. Ranging from videos to adult content, the conference is all about ‘Adult’. Why do I mention this conference here?

virtual world headset

VR Headset for Adult Entertainment

Well in a week of conferences devoted to sight and sound, how can we miss out the potential for erotica? Although it’s usually ignored or glossed over, this has to be one of the best and most highly lucritive uses for Virtual Headsets and other VR tech, such as the touch sensitive suits that are currently being prototyped. After all, we’ve all heard that phrase ‘sex sells’. Here is a great use for all those devices.

Adult Virtual World Headset

XBiz founder Alec Helmy said the OculusRift virtual reality headset, “could make previous forms of adult entertainment obsolete.”. Watch this space, even this world is changing in the wake of VR introduction.

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