Virtual Worlds – What are They?

September 14, 2014 • Avination, Culture & Community, News, Second Life, Social Media

Virtual Worlds In A Nutshell

The elevator pitch answer is ‘They’re online 3D virtual representations of worlds you can imagine and experience, both real and fantasy.

You enter and explore them through your computer. You can travel anywhere you like in the world, or in your imagination instantly!

virtual world

Elevator Pitch – short and sharp

You can meet new friends throughout the world, have fun solving puzzles and problems, learn about other cultures including the UK, and improve your computer skills.’

… *’Ping* – this is your floor, end of elevator pitch!

So Who can Join?

virtual world

Free for everyone

It’s free for everyone aged 16+

Sign up for an account here:

Download the software here:

Now for the detailed explanation

Myth Busting

These may seem like strange questions to be asked by someone who has already joined the game, but I still get asked them all the time.

New Users log in and ask ‘what is this’, ‘what do I do here’, ‘how do I play this’ and ‘how do I win’. Most think of it as a game, where you progress through several levels to reach a goal.

virtual world

Virtual worlds are not 3D games

One thing for sure – it’s not that!

The simple answer is – it’s not a game, not in the way that you know it – one you can win by following a set path like everyone else.

There’s no prescription, no ‘one rule for everyone’, it’s free form fun, creativity, entertainment and work.

Virtual World Overview

The best description of Virtual Worlds and Second Life (more usually called SL by it’s ‘players’) is an enhanced 3D chat room where you interact with other people, join in activities and listen and watch things that interest you.

There are no set rules other than those that people negotiate between themselves.

You make the game up yourself as you go along. One way it’s like a game is – if you make a mess of it, you can wipe the board and start over again.

virtual world

Choose to be anyone

However, most people don’t do this. You invest so much into the SL character (called an Avatar) you create, you are more likely to carry on than start again.

People can’t get away from themselves in Second Life either, so people often make the same mistakes again and again. That’s life!

virtual world

Different Changes

You can play games in SL, ‘micro games’ such as Greedy Greedy, a board game with dice.

There are also role play scenarios, clubs, and groups to join which form game options too, and communities to join, such as Vampire clans.

You can role play real lives too, become a virtual millionaire, or a superstar wrestler if you put enough effort into it.

virtual world

3D Chat Room

This 3D chat room allows people to play a part, build a family, become an entrepreneur and even make money by selling products and services.

The ‘stickiness’ to SL is the bond people form between each other through the virtual world and the human psyche need to belong.


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