London’s Favourite Viewer Is The ‘Wabbit’

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London Second Life prefers the ‘Wabbit’ viewer

This Second Life / Open Sim virtual world viewer was built by Jessica Wabbit and is London’s favourite viewer.


The Wabbit viewer

Most of the London team use this viewer as it gives a crisp image and is easy to navigate. Try it out for yourself.

Woooo… A Bad Case of Stretch Below!

The viewer handles those new mesh avatars. The same ones that stretch into infinity in viewers like Firestorm and Singularity.


Mesh Avatars as seen in Singularity & Firestorm

Benefits of the Wabbit

Wabbit is able to rez mesh nicely. It shows materials, occlusion and a heap of other cool stuff – so give it a try. The viewer is used by Kokua. It has all the latest features and fixes from Linden Lab’s Second Life v3 viewer in. Wabbit also has new features developed by Jess for Wabbit, which are then also built into the Kokua viewer. As the Wabbit viewer is free software, other developers of viewers, including Linden Lab, are able to take this viewer and use the design it’s been built on for their own viewers. However, We believe that the Wabbit is the best and is our chosen viewer for London. It’s also got a cool name so you have to use it just for that.

Meet the Wabbit Creator – Jessica Wabbit


Jessica Wabbit

Here’s the creator, Jessica Wabbit – the lady the viewer is named after. Jessica originally wrote the viewer modifications for the Wabbit viewer for 64-bit GNU/Linux. There is also a Windows version available on the web site, but there is no support for this. The viewer is absolutely free, being made under the GNU LGPL version 2.1 licence terms as specified by Linden Lab.

Technical Stuff

According to Jessica Wabbit, the viewer has been is is a native 64-bit GNU/Linux viewer for SL and OpenSim etc. that keeps the LLv3 interface and colour scheme modern viewer users are used to, and comes pre-configured with reasonable preference defaults.

This viewer evolved from the Teapot source, and then started over using Kokua as its upstream code base. Please feel free to play around with it. Constructive comments, suggestions and patches are always welcome. Anyone who currently uses the 32-bit LLv3 viewer on their 64-bit GNU/Linux system should be more comfortable here, and will be able to get rid of all that nasty 32-bit compatibility multilib hackery from their system. Other viewers are available, of course.

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