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July 18, 2014 • Culture & Community, Entertainment, News, People, Second Life, Sports

Water Fun in Second Life London

As you already know, London is fun. This summer, it’s fun in the water. Combine the two and it’s water fun in summer.

Water FunThis summer, we’re off to the pool. Everyone’s at the water slide. All trying to get a piece of the action. Get a look at this video to see how everyone joins in. You can join in too if you come along to Second Life London.
water funLondoners love to swim. They love to think about summer holidays and having a good time too. These crazy Londoners decided to see if they could all go down the slide at once. Did it work? – You be the judge by watching the video!

water fun

You too can be as crazy as these guys. What kind of fun can you come up with that’ll get everyone involved. We want to see what you can do with the water slide?

5 Suggestions for using the Water Slide

1. Take a friend. Get a group of you to go on the slide. Have water fun together. After all, a pleasure shared is a pleasure doubled.
2. Share a ring. How many of you can squeeze into one of those ‘Ducky’ rings? The record looks like it’s five. Can you do better?
3. Pile On. One person has the ring and everyone stands on each other’s heads. How big a stack can you get down that chute?
4. Go alone. Just get a ring and take it down. Stay in mouselock to experience the full thing. It goes fast so try not to scream because you’re having too much water fun.
5. Take a ride in a weird avatar. What doesn’t like water? Try a spider down the chute, or a snake, or an alien. Something a bit weird and take a picture of yourself then post it onto Facebook or Twitter and link to it by connecting to #TheLondonSims


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