Weekend Partying in London`s Hyde Park by Jas (Blog 264)

May 17, 2014 • Entertainment, Music, News

The London Sims` Weekend in the Park event got off to a flying start yesterday with three contests.

The “Come as You Are” one Ill leave for tomorrows blog, but of the other 2 which one was best?

I`ve selected some pics to help you decide – and please cast your vote in our comment section.

Remember you aren’t voting on the music or hosts -just which was the best to dress up to.

 photo 16May_004_zps5b7b3732.png

PJs                          VS                               Fancy Dress

 photo 16May_013_zpsa5f95ffe.png photo 16May_029_zps422b9650.png

Host Jas (above, left) and DJ Molly (below, left) were pretty in pink for the Coach`s set.

 photo 16May_012_zps2ecbfbbc.png photo 16May_056_zpsc596b2ff.png
 photo 16May_006_zps777f867b.png photo 16May_035_zps7568fa18.png

 photo 16May_016_zps4fe2ba6a.png photo 16May_032_zps4b9503db.png

 photo 16May_002_zps39d40c3f.png photo 16May_034_zpse3b94212.png

 photo 16May_017_zpsc4c7f5e5.png photo 16May_043_zpsd69f31c2.png

 photo 16May_001_zpsa47ecc3d.png photo 16May_052_zps3321020a.png

Debs Regent was barely recognisable next to her profile shot (above, right)!

 photo 16May_007_zps4ff9d02c.png photo 16May_045_zpsd8a881a1.png

DJ Destiny (above right) and Bailey (below ,right) were the popular naughty nurses!

 photo 16May_026_zps69ddbab8.png photo 16May_037_zps26bfdd9b.png

Dont forget the opening of Baileys new club Venus in London Nights at 2pm SLT.

All day today(Saturday 17th) we are partying hard in Hyde, too, so come and join in!


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