Weird Avatars at 2012 – London Sims by Jas (Blog 69)

October 28, 2012 • News

 So, you are probably thinking that by asking for the weirdest avatars in our competition last night
Club 2012 deserves all it got – and you`d probably be right !

New host Keira (above, right) had entered into the spirit of things, but not even she would stand by the bonfire (below)- and can you blame her? As a nurse in real life she accurately recognised that the pill being ridden around (top) was Prozac and we`ll all be needing plenty of that to keep us going. Still its handy to have a nurse as host- she can help out in medical emergencies, and maybe if you ask very nicely she`ll give you the kiss of life!
DJ Wiccy tried getting too close to the scary bonfire avatar and look what happened to him !


Some went with the Halloween theme as well as the Best in Weird
one, although you could argue that dressing as a witch at this time of year isn`t weird at all!

And now for SPECIAL PARTY NEWS . Our great leader Debs Regent (Owner and Manager of the London Sims ) had forgotten that it was her Rezday last week and no-one else had spotted it. So today (Sunday 28th) we are having a three hour party for her. Things start at 2pm (Second Life Time) and we are sticking with our original theme for today which was Best in Fantasy Creatures, so its sure to be an interesting and colourful event. Come and celebrate Debs` six years in Second Life with us all.

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