What is Gacha in Second Life?

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In Gacha a collector plays a a Gacha Machine to to win themed items, the machine gives out random items to players. These items build up to form a collection. Collections are about everything – ornaments, for use in collectors’ homes, for avatars to wear or even for building up a complete avatar. A player must pay Lindens for a turn on the machine – they then receive one of the items shown in the advertised collection. Some items are common yet others are rare. Many people resell duplicate items but rare items are expensive so there is now a trend of buying and selling unwanted and duplicate items on the marketplace. This way people build up their collection and as items are non-copy this adds to their exclusivity.

What does Gacha mean?

‘Gacha’ is the shortened version of the Japanese word gashapon. A Gashapon vending machine dispenses random toys (usually in capsules) for a small payment. Gashapon machines often contain popular sets from Japanese manga or anime cartoons. The player pays their money and gets a random gift. The word ‘Gacha’ is used in Second Life to mean a ‘no copy’ item from a Gacha machine. People play to complete a full collection of items in a set. Depending on your luck, this can cost well below or well above the value of the individual items.

– Ganbatte kudas ai  – Good Luck!

A Gashapon

A Gashapon

What are Gacha Machines?

A Gacha machine gives a random item from the advertised set. Because the item is random, like in Forrest Gump, it’s “… is like a box of chocolates – you never know what your’e gonna get”. This isn’t counted as gambling because every time you are guaranteed a prize. Just like tombola – but the catch is – you have no idea what prize you’ll get.

Gacha Blog4

Second Life Gacha Machine

How to play Gacha?

To play, first find a Gacha machine – in shops, markets, or even in clubs – anywhere people go to play Gacha and build a collection. This is a great way to build a set and get popular ‘rare’ and unusual items. You will become the envy of your friends with your ‘rare’ items.

Sell the extra items on to avoid paying a lot for a full set. Then play the game with the money earned from the sold item. Your collection never gets out of hand and nor does your money. People become addicted and desperate to own one special item in a collection. It’s easy to lose sight of reality and spend a small fortune for an item. So be careful.

As with gambling, set yourself a limit and aim to get the item you want. If you don’t get what you’re looking for after your cash limit has gone – see if it’s available on the marketplace or at any Gacha market resales. Sell your extras to pay for the item you really desire.

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Reseller table in London’s Hyde Park

Gacha in London

London has its own Gacha market re-seller and machine area. While wandering around Hyde Park, you’ll spot the Market just next to the busy Hyde Park hub.

London Market Gacha Tables are only L$150 a week for 50 prims. Offload your repeated items here today.

I went over to check out what was at the London Market and spotted some amazing bargains. Here are some pictures of what I found at the Market in London.

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