What Lies Beneath? by Jas (Blog 282)

November 30, 2015 • Culture & Community, News, People

While working in Fat Colin`s Chip Van in Hyde Park this week,

(well, a struggling journalist has gotta live!)

I saw a lot of comings and goings in the London Sims Welcome Hub.

hub_001 (3)   

Colin had promised me overnight accommodation, but I was disappointed with my room. 

   hub_014 (2)            

Imagine my surprise when I found that “SL Colin`s Properties”

are marketing the “Inuit Lodge” as a “compact and bijou apartment,

with unique heating, overlooking Big Ben and Hyde Park”.

They even mention the “local wildlife right outside your door”!
hub_008 (2)        hub_010 (3)

As I was gazing at the Serpentine lake last night as the sun went down,

I remembered a long forgotten Kate Bush song.

“It’s wonderful. Everywhere, so white. The river has frozen over.

Not a soul on the ice. Only me skating fast. I’m speeding past trees,

Leaving little lines in the ice, Splitting, splitting sound, Silver heels spitting, spitting snow…”

hub_016 (2)

And as I sang it to myself I noticed a strange shape (below) under the ice.

“…There’s something moving, Under, under the ice,

Moving under ice, Through water, Trying to get out of the cold water.

It's me. Something, someone–help them. It's me.” Kate Bush Under the Ice

hub_018 (2)

hub_017 (2)   Folk og trold - Folk and troll

But, of course, there was nothing there, and Ice Trolls only exist in fairytales.

hub_015 (2)

(From below the water comes a muttering that Jas cannot hear- “Oh don`t I?”)



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