Whiggie? .. Ah Yes!

June 6, 2014 • Culture & Community, People, Romantic

[error]UPDATE – it seems that Sippy’s tip-off got it wrong. Whiggy and Ah Yes were just saying goodbye to one another as friends do in Second Life [/error]

There was some romantic action going down in Hyde Park today. Sippy the gangster cat always has his eyes open to any secretive goings on. Today he alerted me to Whiggie and Ah Yes. It all seemed very innocent at first.

20140606 pics2_006

Sippy the Gangster detective cat smells a rat

Then ‘Ah Yes’ called Whiggie’s name. Entrapped by his dulcet tones, she simply replied ‘Ah Yes’, and carried on replying to him in that way from them on.

20140606 pics2_003

Ah Yes calling ‘Whiggie’

So a call turned into a cuddle and a cuddle into an even longer cuddle.  All poor Whiggie could say was ‘Ah Yes’.

20140606 pics2_002


20140606 pics2_008

even longer cuddle..

Could this be a great romance or a cat-astrophy. For all the guys in London surely the last one.

20140606 pics2_005

Can anyone help?

Is there anyone out there who can rescue her from this magic spell that she’s in. Even Wendy, Chris and other park goers could only watch.

20140606 pics2_007

Can you rescue Whiggie?

Pity the poor guys who all hoped one day Whiggie would be theirs. They just had to stand by and watch as Ah Yes wove his invisible spell on Whiggie.

20140606 pics2_013

Just watching .. powerless to do anything

Could this be friends just saying goodbye ?.

20140606 pics2_012

The next great London romance?


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