Wild Things in the London Sims by Jas (Blog 252)

April 11, 2014 • Entertainment, Music, News

What with the sexy dancing-girls and the animal avatars we have partied wildly in the London Sims all week.

At the Coach and Horses last Friday there was a “Best in Animal” contest, and last nights "Barbarians and Librarians" event at London Tube seemed to bring out Assistant Manager Sarahs inner beast. (See pic above.)

Im going to do another blog on that event as some of the outfits there were amazing!
ve also included some song lyrics relating to the animals we saw at the Coach.

And, of course, lots of pics of those sexy girls I mentioned!

 photo Snapshot_0752_zps874511d2.png

Lapin01 flipped and colorized


“And when we’ve had a couple a beers,
We’ll put on bunny suits,

I long to nibble your ears, And do as bunnies do.

Let’s pretend we’re bunny rabbits. Let’s do it all day long .”

The Magnetic Fields – Let’s Pretend We’re Bunny Rabbits


 photo Snapshot_0673_zpsf09daec2.png photo Snapshot_00217_zpsa515fe41.png

 photo Snapshot_0219_zps50021b49.png photo Snapshot_0664_zps7571e1e2.png
 photo Snapshot_0036_zps86bab915.png photo Snapshot_0278_zps231fecb6.png

Lion icon     “Louder than a lion ‘Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me ROAR!

Katy Perry -Roar

Clip Art Deer Drawing

” As the deer panteth for the water – So my soul longeth after thee.” The Cadets – As the Deer


 photo Snapshot_01012_zpsfd6e11b6.png photo Snapshot_04511_zps7adc4c0d.png


“You were once running wild, hiding in the morning mist,Leopardo

Game demands I make you mine.

I thought that I could resist, but the leopard in you silently preyed on me.”

The Man Who Stole a Leopard – Duran Duran


 photo Snapshot_0049_zpsb2058127.png photo Snapshot_0793_zps46703b98.png

DJ Molly below, right) played current dance tunes – and will be, again, at the Coach today at 10am.

 photo Snapshot_04711_zps4024cbdd.png photo Snapshot_05010_zpsd45e1e7b.png
 photo Snapshot_03310_zps7217c503.png photo Snapshot_0564_zps2fb77562.png

Woman Silhouette 30

“Wild thing, I think you move me,
But I wanna know for sure,
So come on, hold me tight
-You move me.” Wild Thing – The Troggs


For the wildest time here, though, Northcliffe Coyotes (upstairs at Chubby Checkers) is the venue!

 photo Snapshot_0159_zpsa40ffbef.png

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