All That Jas and the Winter Fairground in Hyde Park by Jas (Blog 214)

January 7, 2014 • Entertainment, News

Well everyone, I was wondering why I was coming across some strangely dressed avatars around the London Sims.(You`d think I`d be used to it by now!)  But it turns out that people are coming to our Winter Fairground dressed up in either circus or retro outfits. I`ll be posting some of them over the next few days. For now, though, I decided to go and look at the place for myself, and to do it twenties style- just because I could! So here`s some pics of me wandering around the rides, and checking out the sideshows.

I had a ride on the Carousel…

Snapshot_058 (2)


…and the wooden Ferris Wheel.

Snapshot_072 (4)


Snapshot_060 (9)

Then, after some lovely Candy-Floss (Cotton Candy to our American friends)…

Snapshot_067 (3)


…and a rest on the Carousel Keeper`s chair…

Snapshot_062 (2)


…I went to check out the Bucking Bronco.

Snapshot_071 (3)


The vintage posters were atmospheric and interesting…

Snapshot_057 (6)


…and this wagon contained Tarot reading equipment and a crystal ball. I`m guessing the fortune teller had just popped out for a while, but, there was no need for her as it was all self service. I won`t say what question I asked- suffice to say “The Lovers” card came up!

Snapshot_077 (7)


I don`t think my mysterious lover is going to be the Strong Man though-he was remarkably silent when I tried to question him.

Snapshot_064 (6)

Snapshot_066 (3)

All this, a bowling alley, arm-wrestling stand and various other tents with games in are waiting for you in HydePark – in the London Sims.

What are you waiting for?

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