Your Android will ‘SLGo’ to a sim near you!

March 6, 2014 • Business, News, Social Media, Tech & Gadgets

Want to use SL on your Tablet?

No, I don’t mean they type you swallow and I don’t mean just ‘chat’ – Full 3-D graphics and experience just like a normal viewer with a very easy interface to use.

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SL Go can be used on a Tablet

Check out SL Go, built by OnLive, a cloud gaming company. The application is currently in beta and costs £2/hour, which Draxtor Despres felt was high. Although it didn’t stop a smile spread right across his face when he was trying it out! See his video below..

For casual use, this app’s just the job. If you’re at the airport, bus stop, internet cafe and just want to catch up with your friends in Second Life, you can be in-world with SL Go. If you want to check out SL Go for yourself on your Android tablet, click this link and get your free 20 minute trial. It works on Android devices over WiFi and 4G. However you have to be in the US, Canada or the UK or it won’t work. Logging in requires payment information as well, which could stop some people signing up.

Linden Lab Featured News

Obviously Linden Lab are happy with this new viewer, because they issued the following statement as featured news:

Introducing SL Go from OnLive

by Community Manager Linden Lab ‎03-05-2014 09:05 AM – edited ‎03-05-2014 09:45 AM

OnLive, the leader in cloud gaming, today released an exciting new service for Second Life users. SL Go, now in open beta, is a mobile Second Life viewer for Android that delivers a fully immersive desktop-like experience on tablets.

With SL Go, you can experience Second Life from anywhere you have Wi-Fi or 4G connectivity, with ultra high-quality graphics, full shaders, shadows, and the Advanced Lightning Model on Android devices. Not only can you get high-quality graphics on a low-powered device, but you also don’t have to sacrifice frame rate or draw distance for high fidelity inworld explorations. Thanks to super-fast gigabit connections with OnLive’s high-performance gaming servers, objects and textures rez quickly when logging in and teleporting. OnLive has clocked the SL Go viewer at upwards of 200 fps set to Ultra with Maximum Render Distance, allowing people to participate in events, engage in combat games, and generally enjoy immersion in Second Life at a level never before possible on a mobile device.

With SL Go, OnLive has brought touchscreen interaction to the Second Life experience, but if you prefer keyboard and mouse, you can opt to connect these devices and interact with your friends in the same way you always have. SL Go gives you access to edit menus, inventory, preference settings and chat management just like the Second Life Viewer on your home computer.

You’ll need an OnLive account to launch the app, and then you’ll log into Second Life with the same credentials you’ve always used. To learn more, register, and get started with a free trial now, visit

 For the time being, SL Go is available to users logging in from the US, Canada and the UK. OnLive plans to expand the service to other locales in the future, so if you are interested in having SL Go in your region, sign up here. The company is also pursuing an iOS version of the app. You can sign up here to be notified when it is released.

From this, it looks like Linden Lab are encouraging us to use this product. Appearing on their ‘Featured News’ is a privilege given to a selected few. One of those is Draxtor Depres.

 Draxtor Depres with SL Go

Draxtor Despres reviews the software  and it looks like Drax also likes the new interface. Watch the video and see him play like a new user – having a great time with it. This is a brilliant video that also shows how SL Go works and how easy it is to operate. See how Drax is handling it after just a short while –  he makes it look easy. So, maybe it is?

Thanks Drax for a great video. It looked like Drax made really smooth work of this and the rendering was really quick.

This little amount of latency is quite amazing

Because the content is delivered to you from the cloud instead of being rendered inside the heavy client viewer you normally use it can be very fast. It uses low latency streaming technology which speeds up the process. This would also be an advantage in less affluent societies where people simply cannot afford expensive high-end technology and suffer low bandwidth. Speed is a real advantage to us all because nothing’s more frustrating than waiting for all that grey around you to rez.

Things you can’t do with SL Go

For the time being, the things you can’t do on SL Go are:

  • – Upload Content
  • – Use SL Voice Chat
  • – Use Advanced & Develop Menu

Devices you can use SL Go on

SL Go is available on:

SL Go is still in beta and only available in the US, Canada and the UK. However I don’t think it’ll be long before it’s more widely available. I hope the price doesn’t put people off because it looks like a really wicked piece of kit!


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