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December 23, 2015 • Business, Culture & Community

Yesterday, being as it was the Winter Solstice- or Yule, I decided to have a little reminisce in London Sims` Hyde Park about Second Life days gone by. As is often the way when doing such things, my avie had somewhat too much white wine. She later stumbled about blindly singing and was last seen falling into the Serpentine lake!

Snapshot_023 (2)

“.. Sangria in the park. And then later,When it gets dark, we go home…

Snapshot_015 (3)

…Just a perfect day, Problems all left alone- Weekenders on our own,
It’s such fun. Just a perfect day.You made me forget myself.”
(Perfect Day -Lou Reed)

Snapshot_018 (2)

“You think I can’t go on another day. You think I have nothing, 

Without you by my side  You’ll see, somehow, someway”. 

(You`ll See-  Madonna)

Snapshot_001 (2)
But no, of course I`m joking that she ended up in a state.You can drink as much as you like on Second Life without any bad effects. And Hyde Park is full of winter cheer-like our Christmas market, where I was particularly struck by some lovely paintings.

There`s also a great little ride-around train beside the Christmas Tree.

hub_010 (3)Snapshot_002 (5)

So I`d just like to finish off this festive blog by wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas -or Winter Solstice (whichever you celebrate). And-as I said in a previous blog- it really feels like 2016 will be full of new possibilities!








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